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The mission of CreatIVPeace is to utilize fashion and beauty to change the lives of women and children with 3 highly empowering initiatives, She is STILL Beautiful, Every Child Counts! and the CreatIVPeace Collection. The family dynamic starts with a woman! Her mental health and overall well being greatly effect the family dynamic and the children (OUR FUTURE). 




CreatIVPeace is dedicated to stepping up and addressing the lack of resources for our children in the city of Chicago. Whether it is food, clothing, extra curricular activities or toys, CreatIVPeace, along with your cooperation and involvement, can facilitate progress in this area.

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Women exposed to domestic violence often lose their confidence and self-esteem, which can lead them back into toxic relationships and cycles of abuse. CreatIVPeace "She is STILL Beautiful" initiative aims to elevate, beautify and educate women in an effort to make them feel fierce and confident again. Programs would also include education or any philanthropy efforts/organizations that aim to support women and the family dynamic overall.

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CreaIVPeace will support other women Artisans around the world, sharing the journey, their stories, and giving you the opportunity to purchase items! A % of all proceeds will be allocated towards building more inventory, in addition to supporting the other initiatives.

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